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Hefei Hui Electronic Co., Ltd.It's a familyA high-tech professional company specializing in scientific research equipment, electronic equipment development and sales; products involved in electronics, communications, optoelectronics, automation, new energy, a number of areas such as networking; is a professional company in good faith-based, and good partners and extensive customer base.

Remittate - Service:

The company has experienced professional sales staff, and based on the technical support of various universities and many manufacturers, a set of perfect sales service system has been established. In order to better serve our customers, we provide professional pre sales technical consultation, concise and fast sales process, careful and thoughtful after-sales engineering commissioning and quality tracking service.

Remittate - Brand:

The company is acting brand: Germany, Taiwan, Yokogawa,Japan,Uni-t,FLUKE, PASCO, youlide instex,Beijing Xing Lin Rui light,Keysight,Guangzhou fro, switching power supply technology integrated experimental system,HUAWEI,Promise to follow. We are looking forward to bringing you more quality and cheap products and services with the perfect sales platform of our company.

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Concerned about the latest information of our company, dynamic concern within the industry. 

Committed to provide users with better products and better service, tireless, innovative.

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